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We are putting the IoT in the hand of the technicians and engineers with a growing family of products and customizable devices for solving the industry problems in cheap and fast transition.


Temperature Differential Controller

The ultimate differential temperature controller for any industrial application.


our main features


Manage your devices from any browser. PC, tablet, smartphone or use our ready-made applications


Gather data on system performance, malfunctions, resources saved and more, that you can share with others

Monitor & Control

Monitor and set alarms on your sensors and control remotely you system to understand and prevent losses in the future

How it Works

Easy to setup and use

Create new account

In the Login menu you can create your account. It’s FREE. Just click on the “Register Now” button and confirm it by clicking on the link that we will send immediately to your email.

Add a virtual device

Once logged in, you will be in your dashboard. Click on the add button “+” in the lower right of the screen. A virtual box will be added that can be linked to the physical device you have purchased.

Link you device

By requesting a link from your device a 6 digit number will appear on the screen. Write this number in the link pop-up from the virtual device created few moments ago.

Configure your parameters

After linking the physical device to the virtual one on the dashboard, click the wrench tool and start configuring your system.

Enjoy it

You are done. Look at the inputs and outputs and optimize your device to make a return on you investment.